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Elephant Up Close by Brendon Cremer

Collage by woefoep(via Andrea & Mahogany Soul)


Hey guys, I’ve been following this girl for a while and she’s gracious, sweet, and a really wonderful person (she curates a gorgeous blog, too)! If you have some spare change to help her stay in school that would be so cool of you

Alright so I contacted DePaul and I have a $3,000+ hold on my account, which is stopping me from being able to transfer to another school, because they won’t let me access my transcript. HOWEVER, they said if I come up with at least $2,100, they’ll let me access my transcript and/or sign up for the upcoming fall quarter. We start school September 10th. Really hope these long shifts and ramen breakfast lunch and dinner days will be worth it. Reblog or show some love! Sorry to be obnoxious about this guys. It’s not my intention, or my pleasure, to beg. Just kinda…at a very ughhdskfjksdjfldskfdjf time due to very ughhdskfjksdjfldskfdjf circumstances. But I am SO fortunate to have such incredible people help and support me. You guys have been unbelievable!!!!!!!!!