fairies by Hanule  (Czech Republic)


it seems every night the pile of emotions i’ve neglected to express throughout the day creep up on me and silence me to sadness. i wake up feeling disoriented… half of a woman… and recover myself through the energy of others. i go to sleep with the warmth of their goodbye hugs, and yet again i’m awoken by the cold. the mornings can feel so long sometimes. the nights… never enough. yearning…always yearning.

— tribalsong.tumblr.com

I often wonder how
different things would be
if my heart didn’t swallow each
and every thought
i have about you


Gujarati Farm Girl 

Like a shy veiled beauty the pines covered the magnificent view of the mountains by Gunlekseng

姫路城大改修 by m-louis on Flickr.
mama 💕 Eid Mubarak!!!!